Senior Engineer

  • New York, United States

Senior Engineer

Job description

Parsec is hiring a Senior Engineer to take a leadership role in the development of our core low latency game streaming technology. The Parsec core technology is the foundation of everything we’ve accomplished as a company, so the engineer we hire for this role will be a pivotal part of our team and growth plans. With Parsec’s low latency game streaming technology, we’re changing how people access video games. We’re accomplishing this through our industry-leading, ultra-low latency technology that gives gamers the ability to connect to gaming PCs and play their favorite AAA games on any device without having to own expensive hardware. With Parsec, gamers are playing, sharing, and watching games with their friends. The Parsec core technology is also sitting at the foundation of several large company’s game streaming products. For instance, this technology powers HP’s OMEN Game Streaming among many others.


We’re looking for someone who will join our team, drive innovation in the core technology, and mentor other engineers at Parsec. To be successful, you’ll need to be able to jump into C code without breaking a sweat, understand how graphics APIs (DirectX, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulcan) work, and build lean, modularized, maintainable code.


Parsec is growing fast and powering game streaming for over 1 million users. Each week more than 200,000 hours of gaming happen using the streaming technology that you’ll be working on. We’re building an SDK, growing our team, and accelerating our impact on the gaming world. Join us, and help build a more accessible, platform agnostic gaming community.

What You’ll Be Doing

You’ll be working closely with our co-founder and CTO, Chris Dickson, to accelerate the development of our core game streaming technology. We expect that you will:

  • Work with rendering APIs, encoding and decoding libraries, and building optimizations for Parsec’s core technology across Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and the Raspberry Pi

  • Jump into a C codebase on day one and confidently deploy code to more than 1 million people

  • Be fascinated with building cutting edge technology in gaming from video rendering to UDP protocols

  • Be obsessed with finding the right, low latency solution to the challenges we face

  • Listen to customer feedback, interpret the needs of the broader community, and find opportunities to delight our users

What Is Parsec

Our customers use Parsec primarily to play, watch, and share games with their friends. We’re recreating the experience of going to a friend’s house, sitting on the couch, and playing video games together while hanging out. With Parsec, one person might own the game and the gaming hardware while someone else is using just an Android phone or another non-gaming device. In some cases, neither person needs to own a gaming PC. In that situation, gamers can rent gaming hardware from Parsec in the cloud and use it to play any game without worrying about buying an expensive PC, XBOX, or Playstation.



What You May Have Done In The Past

We’re looking for a diverse set of experiences, and no one will be ruled out for this role. That being said, we’re hoping you’ll have:

  • 5-10 years of experience developing C or similarly low-level applications

  • Demonstrated experience and knowledge about graphics APIs on several platforms

  • Experience with SDL and window management

  • A deep desire to learn, improve a product, and make customers happy

  • Although not necessary, it’s definitely a bonus if you’ve worked in the video game industry or your awsd keys are worn out from playing too many games on your computer.