Head of Marketing

  • New York, United States

Head of Marketing

Job description

Parsec is hiring a Head of Marketing to accelerate the growth of our consumer products. We are on a mission to increase access to video games. We’re accomplishing this today through our industry-leading, ultra-low latency technology that gives gamers the ability to connect to gaming PCs and play their favorite AAA games on any device without having to own expensive hardware. Now, we need you to help us grow faster and develop our brand identity. With very little investment in marketing, we’ve already accomplished a lot! We have more than 1 million customers and total weekly time spent playing games in Parsec grew even faster last year, increasing 15x to 200,000 hours per week. With your help, we think we can accelerate this growth and make sure every gamer in the world joins the Parsec community.


At Parsec, you’ll have the opportunity to build a team around you and develop a strategy based on product marketing, community management, influencer marketing, growth features, and brand image. In our testing, influencer marketing and community management have been very valuable, but we can do so much more. We hope you’ll be excited to build our marketing organization and strategy from the ground up.


What You'll Be Doing

You’ll develop our strategy and build an organization around that strategy to accelerate the growth of Parsec. We expect that you will:

  • Define and build a creative marketing strategy that is based on user feedback, funnel metrics, and hypotheses that you and your team have

  • Hire a team of marketers and freelancers to execute on growth plans

  • Develop brand strategy, positioning, messaging and visual brand identity 
  • Direct product changes based on user feedback and leverage product to accelerate growth

  • Focus on conversion rates across the funnel and come up with retention marketing strategies that keep our customers coming back to play games with Parsec

  • Try new and exciting ideas that you think could cause step function changes in our marketing performance




We’re looking for a diverse set of experiences, and no one will be ruled out for this role. That being said, we’re hoping you’ll have:


  • 7-10 years of experience working in consumer marketing, preferably at venture-backed technology companies

  • A track record of successfully implementing marketing strategies across the funnel

  • An analytical approach to marketing that you’ve used to understand and drive the growth levers at companies you’ve worked with before

  • Previous experience managing a few people on your team or a team of freelancers

  • Demonstrated success with influencer, community management, and growth marketing strategies

  • Although not necessary, it’s definitely a bonus if you’ve worked in the video game industry or have spent a significant amount of your free time getting to the next level or beating that final boss

What Is Parsec

Our customers use Parsec primarily to play, watch, and share games with their friends. We’re recreating the experience of going to a friend’s house, sitting on the couch, and playing video games together while hanging out. With Parsec, one person might own the game and the gaming hardware while someone else is using just an Android phone or another non-gaming device. In some cases, neither person needs to own a gaming PC. In that situation, gamers can rent gaming hardware from Parsec in the cloud and use it to play any game without worrying about buying an expensive PC, XBOX, or Playstation.